Sunday, July 1, 2007

well, i did manage to stick to my plan and fit in all the tasks for the day and a lil bit more in between.... :D
Gave my first GMATPrep today and scored a decent 710 (Q49,V37) though was expecting to do better.... actually made quite a few mistakes at the end of the verbal section, probably due to lack of concentration.... this 2-1/2 hour duration is killing!! :(
School research also going on fine... today's targets were Haas and Sloan! Great schools, great faculty, great infrastructure.... one tough decision! :)
'Goodfellas' was the movie of the day.... Robert DeNiro is simply awesome and the cool ganster thing he does in the movie was just prefect!!
Now its back to office for the next week... its gonna be a busy Monday but hopefully the rest of the week should be easy....

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