Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sea World!

Yesterday visited Sea World near Mission Bay and it was great! I was accompanying a group of 3 couples and 2 forced-bachelors and we were to start at 10 and though I came to know of the plan only at 9:30 I was ready by 10:10 but then there was a big delay and we left only by 11 and then later at the entrance there was another delay as one car lost its way but then since we already had our tickets we entered Sea World without any further delay.

We had picked up the map which also mentioned the show timings and since the first show was scheduled only at 2:30, we just went around and the for the first time ever I took a roller-coaster water ride - The Journey to Atlantis :) It was sooo much fun, there were moments when i was scared shitless but it was just great, I so plan to try out more rides in the future! I was totally drenched by the end of the ride and combined with the December chill, i was absolutely chilled to the core...

We also went to the 'Wild Artic Interaction' (a helicopter simulation of the artic landscape complete with polar bears and also a storm!), Penguin Encounter (an enclosed area with all kinds of penguins and unusual kinds of water birds), Mama Stella (for some late brunch), RL Stein's Haunted Lighthouse (a 4D movie, was fun with the 3D glasses and splashing water), Flamingo Cove (a cove with flamingoes, what else?), Clysedale horses stable (these horses are world-famous, for what reason I dont know :), Pacific Point (white whales, walrus, otters and the kind)

But the highlight of the day had to be the 'BELIEVE' show with the wonderful killer whales (better known as 'Shamu') It was mind-blowing with great music and audience hand signal and killer whales flying in the air and dancing with the trainers!! Awesome! The highlight had to be when the shamu picked up one of the trainers on her snout straight up in the air and then when one of the trainers surfed in the tank with one of the shamus as his surfboard!!

There were a few things that we missed but I plan to make it up when I go there next - the skyride and the skytower and also the dophins and sharks. The DIP program, Shamu Rocks and Clyde and Seamore show will be top on the list shows for the next time!
All in all, it was a fun Saturday...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pending Updates!! - Epsiode Two

26th November : My birthday finally dawns! I wake up wishing 'Happy Birthday' to myself and deciding not to feel bad or sorry for myself! Little did i know that this day is going to be one eventful day!!
I come to office and call up home and have a long chat with them that brings me to tears, i miss them so much....
Later in the day Kim takes me out for lunch to a Chinese restaurant and I have some king-sized prawns and chicken... enjoyed the lunch!
I wanted to get back home quickly and i did not have a ride back so i decide to walk home, its far but i feel that a walk would do me good after the heavy lunch and then starts the most tiring and scary and memorable 75 minutes of my life!! I probably took all the wrong turns and ended up walking almost 4 miles mostly in the dark and in the cold! Man, that was scary like hell... there were times when i thought i should stop and probably try and look for a phone but then there wasnt any around!! and frankly even if there were, i dont think i would have called anybody (Stupid me, worried about what they would say when they found out i was lost trying to get smart!) but then when i finally did reach home I had a gift waiting for me - my phone set!
I was really tired but glad to be home so i went ahead and cut my cake and had my pudding and also distributed it to the two families who have been so great to me!
Whew! that was some birthday!!!

27th November : just went by with office and preparing for my written test!

28th November : I was all ready for my driving written test and after my one-hour class I went in to the DMV at Clairemont, mentally prepared to spend a loooong time waiting! I did have to wait but not as much and my number was called almost to the hour after i had reached there. The lady took like forever going through the formalities and I was asked for my passport and Indian license and then after getting my rather sleepy-eyed picture taken I was off to give the test... and the test took me less than 5 minutes to complete!! I was out in a jiffy and I had scored a perfect 100%.. Yipee! :D The BIG achievement of the month!!

29th November : With the written test out of the way, the focus now was on getting an internet connection. I was researching it for some days and finally decided on getting the landline connection as that way it was working out cheaper for the internet thingie. I completed my booking hoping that before the next weekend i should have the internet connection setup.

30th November : As I was preparing breakfast, I heard some water splashing somewhere and as i looked out of my window I could not believe what i was seeing! It was pouring outside!! I was wondering that the day before it was so sunny and hot, it being end November and all and today it is raining!! Man, the weather here is crazy... I thought that the rain will soon stop and so I didnt bother picking up my umbrella while leaving for office and I was punished for being lazy! The rain did not stop and I was drenched by the time I reached office :( It actually continued raining the whole day.... at night after dinner I just stepped outside for a while and it was still drizzling and I thought to myself ' So this is what 'November Rain' is all about!' :)