Sunday, April 30, 2006

.... what is blogging all about?

Well I guess i have to accept here that i finally fell prey to all the hype surrounding blogs and blogging though i still dont understand what all the fuss is about?!
I have been asking this question to a lot of ppl and most of the times the answers go something like 'its something that u gotta do to understand' so well here i am 'doing it' and frankly 'not understanding it'..... yet!
But why did i start now? well the answer to that is something that my friend told me. She said.... "blogging lets you express what you feel about a particular issue and writing it down helps you understand your own thoughts more clearly". What she said sounded like good sense to me and so here i am, doing something that i never thought possible..... putting my thoughts into words.
This is more like an experiment than any serious attempt at blogging and i hope to improve my writing skills in the process, if nothing else!