Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Go Blue!!

Yay!!! Got the call I was waiting for (like ever!) today morning...

The Ross Rnd 1 decision deadline is not until 01/15 but the BW forums had been abuzz with anticipation regarding the calls going out starting Monday itself and anyone who has been on the forums (who hasn't, you ask? :) would know how addicitive it is once someone on the forum mentions receiving a call!! So I spent the whole of yesterday refreshing the Ross Round1 thread every 2-3 minutes like an obsessive maniac and as the day wound down, I was almost reduced to a nervous wreck as I had not received 'THE' call yet!!

All I could do the entire evening was ponder over why I did not get the call? had they already called everyone? maybe they are doing it alphabetically? and so on... I remember falling asleep with the last thought being about the call and waking up today thinking about it!!! Trust me, I am not the obsessive kind but this was my top choice school and also the only result I was waiting for... I so wanted it and then it finally does go off!!

Strange how when I saw the number and realised it was from Ann Arbor, I felt relieved and almost calmed down... the victory dance came later :D

But there it is... With an admit to Ross 2011, my application season comes to an extremely successful end... 1 year, 4 applications, 4 interviews and 4 admits later I am finally ready to close this exciting chapter of my life!!

Tons of decisions, planning, shopping, preparing, traveling to look forward to but we will leave that for another day... till then, Hakuna Matata!