Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hard disk reformat!!

Oh my!! What a marathon this is turning out to be :( Had to format my entire hard-disk due to some software failure and ended up spending more than half my Sunday on it!! Had planned for the GMATPrep-2 today but didnt know that this formatting process would be so time-consuming... Writing this down as I wait for the data to be copied back to the hard-disk...
And finally after 5-1/2 hours its done!!!
And why did it take so long? Well, first there was some problem with the formatting... as a result of which the Windows XP had to installed-uninstalled-reinstalled 3 times... and then when everything was going smoothly and it was time for me to copy back the data onto the HD, certain files in the folder-jungle created by Baba wouldnt copy due to some @#*%#@ reason!! Had to isolate those files and copy the rest and believe me, that was THE test of patience for me... But even that was finally done and we were all set to roll.... BUT then I remembered about the long-forgotten 8GB HD that I had before and I tried to get it working which took up another half hour... it would have been worth it if it had worked but unfortunately, years of neglect had taken its toll and my ex-HD decided to stand up on me ;(
Nyways now its all done and I am going to shut down my TP and get back on my beloved and newly OS'd desktop... :D

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