Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

The day of Christ is here and the long-awaited holiday season finally begins!! :) I know I speak for all my fellow applicants when I say that this has been an eventful year and hopefully for all of us applicants, the fun is only beginning!! With a few admits in the bag and one more to look forward too, I cant wait for 2009 to begin!!

Though it seems a little too early for me to be preparing my thank-you speech but in this season of giving, it seems perfect that I give thanks to all the people who have had faith in me and supported me in my decisions...THANK YOU! (you know who you are! ;) Also a big shout-out to all my virtual friends aka blog readers, MBAlmighty, Matt, Mbamission, Ahembeea and others who have been vocal supporters along my MBA journey... Thank you and All the best!

I hope this holiday season and the new year bring a lot of cheer and success to your lives... God bless!


ahembeea said...

Happy holidays to you as well! Prepare for an exciting year ahead!

MBAlmighty said...

Happy Holidays buddy! If you do end up choosing Cornell, and I do end up getting in there as well... will cya there! Good Luck with Ross!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the holiday season to the max and don't even think about the MBA apps.. (Leave that to the lesser mortals like us, who r into R2 now. :-| )
New year will start with a tough choice between 4 names on ur list.

Matt said...

Hey, happy belated holidays to you too! Thanks for the shout out in your post. : )

Best of luck as you await the final decisions!

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