Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2 down... 2 to go!

Current status - sitting pretty with two admits, Johnson and Goizueta with scholarships (every bit helps!)

The acceptance mail from Goizueta came in early last week followed by a call from the Admissions committee a few days later and though I was thrilled to have my first admit, I felt suprisingly composed and in-control!! It was relieving to know that I wasn't the only one betting on me :) Life was good and as the decision deadline for Johnson came closer, I got lured into the 'check-BW-forums-every-five-minutes' passtime and spent one very tense evening and apprehensive morning waiting for that call from 'unknown'...

And finally when I was gobbling down my lunch, my cell rings and I see 'Unknown'... Never have I felt happier :D It was Johnson Adcomm member, the same person with whom I had interviewed calling up to 'share some good news'.... Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

To-be status - enjoy Christmas and New Year's (2008 was just purrrfect!); wait for Ross and Yale to shower their love too... and no! I am not going to begin worrying about loans just yet! I feel I have earned my days of doing nothing... worrying about nothing... Hakuna Matata!!


MBAlmighty said...

Hey awesome news!!! Congratulations!!! Did both offer you some form of financial assistance???

Yup you are pretty composed after having 2 in your kitty with the option to choose - Id expect someone to be jumping around. Guess Ross might do the trick for you!

All the best..... :)

mba musings said...


congratulations... waiting for another 2 Aye's for u !

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a spree you are on, I hope it just keeps getting better for you !!
And yes, whats better than to realize that you're not the only one betting on you :-)

Matt said...

That is great news! Congrats on hearing back from the two schools! I hope that the good news keeps coming into January.

Best of luck and have a good holiday.


Linda Abraham said...

Congratulations! Great way to go into the holidays. Two acceptances on one day.

Coronet said...

Thanks guys! The love and support on the blogosphere is amazing!!

@MBAlmighty - Yes, i did get a scholarship offer from both Goizueta and Johnson... they mentioned it during the call itself and said the details would be mailed in later... ATB!

Robert Welain said...

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