Friday, December 19, 2008

3 down... 1 to go!

Got a wake-up call from the Yale Adcomm today morning.... It was 'good news to share'-time again!! It was completely unexpected... not the results (I was optimistic of an admit after my interview) but the timing... I was not expecting to hear back from Yale or Ross before the holidays and yet here I am... with an Yale admit! If only Ross-Claus decides to come early too :D

But now that the realization that I would indeed be matriculating in 2009 (destination remains undecided) has sunk in, I am beginning to get worried... again! Arranging the finances is the MAJOR task ahead but also questions like -
  • when do I quit job? (right now on an H1-B)
  • how does the H1-B to F-1 transfer work?
  • where do I even begin looking for arranging the finances?
  • Yale or Johnson? rankings-wise they are nearly in the same bracket... they both have great general management/strategy focus.... Johnson is offering me scholarship... no news yet from Yale
Its a weird sense of deja vu as I begin to feel over-whelmed all over again by the amount of work left to do before I pick up those books and sit in that class-room again! But as I got through the daunting phase of applications, I would get through this too... one baby-step at a time!


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Simply amazing!!
Congratulations and I know u r going to have some tough time ahead deciding your destination..

theincarnated said...

I am too awed too comment....

ahembeea said...

Congrats again! You're on a dream run !

Anonymous said...

Wow. you are on roll. Congratulations.

Matt said...

Congratulations again! And happy holidays!

Linda Abraham said...

I responded to your questions at .

Congrats again and Happy Holidays!

Conrad said...


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