Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yale interview - Analysis

Had my interview at Panera Bread with a Yale alum and this was totally unlike the Ross interview... conversational and casual but with a more structured question-answer format. I was even dressed in business formals and so was he... on a Sunday!

He started with reiterating that he only had my resume (I slipped in my updated resume across the table at this time) and would like to know more about my background, motivations etc etc and he would not 'grill' me.... Standard enough start and I relaxed :)
The questions hence on went something like below -
  • how did you choose your undergrad school and area of specialisation?
  • how did you choose your first job?
  • why MBA? why Yale?
  • how will you uniquely contribute to Yale?
  • explain in non-technical terms, what is that you do?
  • any questions you have?

All the while I spoke, he scribbled furiously on my resume... At the end when I glanced down, the sheet had notes all over. I only hope they had good things to say! I believe that I did a pretty good job about answering the why? when? where? questions and also about not sounding too technical... The interview lasted for 35-40 minutes and I feel that I did do a good job of covering all the important points and hopefully making a good impression.

The alum was quite forthcoming in discussing about his life in New Haven - the small town syndrome and its pros and cons... Since it was on my mind too, it was nice to hear a frank opinion from someone who has been there. I also asked him about the alumni connections and he shared his experiences about networking with the alumni and also how it has been effective in his post-MBA job hunt.

I know Yale is super-selective program and its not in top-20 as per the latest BW rankings, but there is something about the program that really appeals to me and I really would love to get into Yale... now that the interview is over, I am just a lil worried if there is something more I should be doing to strengthen my application... As I try to settle into the nerve-wracking waiting period, I can only hope those months of head-scratching, idea-hunting, self-analysing, essay-writing pay dividends...


Matt said...

That does sound different than your Ross interview! Glad that you are happy with your answers. Best of luck as you wait to hear back from your schools!

If you have any questions about Ross, feel free to ask.


Anonymous said...

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Coronet said...

@Matt - Thanks! It was different and as I go through more of these interviews I realise that I truly enjoyed the one with the Ross Alumni :)

@Stuti - Thanks for that link!

vani said...

Hi Coronet,

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your interview experience. Best of luck!

I strongly believe that a current student or an alumnus knows the best about their school, and what qualities their school looks for in an MBA candidate. So, I suggest MBA candidates speak to as many alumni/current students as possible before the interview.

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