Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ross interview - Analysis

Just back from an interview/conversation/informal chat with a Ross alumni at a coffee shop and in spite of trying to analyze it, I still don't know what to make of it!

I was interviewing with an alum and her 'dress casual' comment in one of the mails we exchanged had given me the hint that this is going to be a conversational interview but it turned out to be more of a chat... lasting almost 1-1/2 hours!! Frankly I don't think she even asked me any specific MBA interview questions other than the 'why MBA? why now? why Ross?' One thing just led to another...

In hindsight, I do realize now that I did talk about my motivations, my background, my international experience, my present company and its MBA-related policies, my recommenders and what they thought about me... pretty much everything but I don't really remember any standard questions being asked of me! I am beginning to think she really is very good at interviewing :)

What was also exciting was that she was willing to share as much of her experiences as she wanted to know about me... and with more than 25 years of experience she sure had many interesting anecdotes to share - about her Ross experience, life after Ross, the other interviews she had conducted, the firms she had built and even a little about her personal life! It was truly a very constructive conversation...

But it wasn't a conversation now, was it? It was my interview... the interview that can push me off the fence into the admit pool (or otherwise)!! And with an experience like this one, it is sooo hard to judge how I did! Did I answer well? Did I impress enough? How is she to judge me compared to other applicants when what we spoke about was so specific to me?? What is the common denominator going to be??? Frankly, I don't know whether to be happy or not with today's 'interview' as I really don't know how I did! Why can't we just go back to the days where questions had one right answer and you either got it right or not?!!

I know this process is not about right/wrong, it never was and will never be... and I can do nothing but hope I displayed what she was looking for and the adcomm is convinced that I have what it takes to 'go blue'!! But if only.... Oh! this process is nerve-wracking....


mba musings said...

That's exactly what i'd expect in a Ross interview!!!

I'm still waiting for the invite, but all my interactions with Ross alums have been very very conversational, down to earth, open and very informative!

I think you did great! All the best!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I don't think she would have spent 1.5 hours speaking to you for nothing!! I think its largely about such interviewers getting a gut feeling of how you come across as a person, and then they can back it up in their feedback with suitable data :-) Atb!

Clear Admit said...

Hello Coronet,

Congratulations on what sounds like a great Ross interview! You've provided quite a thorough description of your experience, especially the casual nature of it. Would you be willing to post this report to the Clear Admit Wiki for the benefit of other applicants? You can do so by clicking here, or simply e-mailing the text to (we’ll be sure to link back to your blog when we post your information).

We’d also love to hear about campus visits and the factors that influenced your decisions about where to apply.

Thanks and best of luck in the MBA admissions process!


Matt said...


Congrats on the interview. Glad to read that there were no alarm clock incidents before this one!

It sounds like you had a successful experience. You were able to talk about what you have done, why you want to get your MBA, and why you chose Ross, and you were relaxed. And you got a candid view of what a Ross alums are like.

Best of luck!


Coronet said...

@mba musings - I hope so too :)
ATB with your apps..

@trystwithmba - thanks for the encouragement! And it was a well-spent 90-odd minutes and I just hope the 'suitable' data is all positive :)

@Matt - I was actually an hour early for this interview ;)

@clearadmit - I have sent a copy of this blog-post to Glad to be of help to fellow applicants!

raghu said...

Hi Coronet... Thanks for sharing this. I have mine coming up in a week. Ross has been the most warm school I have met (I've heard the weather is reverse).

Loved the open and comfortable feeling that the alums and college radiates...

Hope I don't screw it up. All the best to you!