Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Second call of the season - Johnson!!

The long-awaited invite is finally here... My first two submits have both translated to interview calls and I am thrilled to bits... yippeeeeee! :)

With the Round 1 deadline fast approaching, I was wondering if Johnson is going to turn out to be a DWI for me!! I wasn't losing sleep yet but it was worrying me and I really have my worry-plate full right now... but today my gmail account had a gift in store for me - the Johnson School invite!!
'Congratulations! The Admissions Committee would like to schedule an interview with you as soon as possible....'
I have to now call the admissions committee and schedule an interview... hopefully they too will have alumni in the LA area...

I am leaving tomorrow for my Goizueta interview and have the Ross interview coming up next... and now I have Johnson in the picture too... With a new project, new location, I have some juggling to do but I am not complaining :)

Let the invites pour in....


MBAlmighty said...


Super job! Congratulations!!! I am working on my Johnson application now, hope to submit it in a day or two. Let us know how the interview goes.

Since you are in the US, it might be great to actually go to Ithaca, and see the campus. But thats a big flight from LA!

Have fun, and ATB for the other interviews!

Anonymous said...

Gr8 going!! That's 2/2 so far!!!

So how are ur other apps shaping up?