Monday, November 5, 2007

first weekend in US of A

The first weekend just went by as I had planned for a lot of things... first, a trip to LA (which then got cancelled) then a trip to the local stores for some grocery and shopping but then even that got cancelled and at the end of the day the colleague's son's bday was what i attended...
It was a good experience, saw a lot of south-indian women decked up in their best... it felt like Durga Puja and not just a kid's bday party!!
Met a Maharashtrian couple and chatted with the lady... also met my colleagues' pretty wives, almost felt like i was in 'Beauty and the Beast!' :D
Sunday was spent lazing around the house and watching a couple of movies... Johnny Gaddar and Jab We Met... the first movie was good and the second was bad... thats my review!
Probably next weekend I will go around a bit... need to shop for new clothes!

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