Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today I got my first dollar paycheck :D Nothing fancy and certainly not substantial.. it just got credited to my account and I received a mail with the salary information, details of which i am yet to understand! But it was a happy feeling :)
Was very relieved to get the money in my Bofa account because that meant that i could pay of all the outstanding bills and also withdraw money without paying any additional surcharge...
Today also went to the local grocery store(mall, actually... and this is a first too!) VONS is the name of the store and its a grocery chain... really liked the place. I am beginning to feel that given some time I will actually start enjoying my stay here :) Withdrawing cash from the ATM here was another first today...
Have also signed up for the driving class this Saturday so that is something to look forward to this weekend. And yes, the dinner invite.... had said 'no' the last friday so wondering if i will be re-invited this weekend, keeping my fingers crossed... really want to meet Kim's wife and also have the gift to give!

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