Thursday, October 18, 2007

all set ( i think!)

  • Got the offer letter... salary not what was promised (but thats not too suprising, is it?)
  • Raised the TR after getting the go-ahead... the powers-that-are took forever doing it and now while my PM enjoys his holidays I get the taste of leadership and management first-hand!
  • My tickets are booked... flying Lufthansa, Bombay to San Diego via Frankfurt,Chicago... will be leaving on the 27th Oct 0235 and will reach SD at 1735 the same day...
  • Submitted the docs and obtained my calling card and transit insurance and also my tickets
  • Sent the mail for FOREX release and will be getting it on the 24th
  • Opened a new Citi account (not because i wanted to but because it is a must for some unknown reason!)
  • Got the stamp and sign on the loan docs.... finally! Can you believe it that a company as big as I** does not have a official seal on its premises!!
All said and even more done, I think I am done with all the official documentation and formalities... Now i can go back home and enjoy the two days of Durga Puja....

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