Saturday, June 30, 2007

The countdown begins.....

Well, here I am... back again after more than a year... I never quite understood what to write in the blog other than the random thoughts going through my head but this time there is a purpose... I will be appearing for the GMAT exam in a month's time and I figured, blogging about the process would be a good way to help me overcome my biggest vice.... procastination!!
I started prep about two weeks back with the hunting on the net for prep material and also looking around for advice (believe me, there is more free advice out there than you could take in a lifetime ;) Nyways, two weeks and 5 CAT tests later, I decided the prep strategy needs to be pumped a lil bit... The test today was a wakeup call... a measly 32 in Verbal (which I believe to be my strength..) was a shocker :( Gotta work harder on those dry, abstruse paragraphs and concentrate more.... Been doing well in Maths though made a couple of silly mistakes early on that cost me!!
Didnt do too much of analysis but instead spent the evening making chocolate fudge (:D) and watching 'For a few dollars more' starring Clint Eastwood.... a wannabe 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' but not even getting close... just finished watching it and thought now is a good time as any to begin the 'Chronicles of my GMAT journey....' which hopefully end with an admit for Fall '08!!
Will try and post daily as to the progress regarding my prep and also the major part of selecting colleges... that currently is a major source of worry... but thats a story for another day....

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